Home: An Exploration

The Home show was a collaborative work between Me and my spouse, Megan Osborn. When we first approached the show, our idea was to highlight the large amount of unoccupied buildings in Richmond. These could be abandoned, condemened, for sale, for rent: As long as no one was in them, legally.

We set out to catalog these buildings, photographing them in the style of a scientist: same framing, head-on, no art to it at all. We chose to find one hundred of these buildings. We had no idea what the difficulty of this would be, we just trusted we would find them.

We began picking neighborhoods we knew, and moved on to ones we did not. As we photographed the houses, Megan recorded their addresses. About two days in, she purchased a map of the city. We used the map to find new neighborhoods, and by the time the show would open, she had accurately plotted all their positions with pushpins. We spent many a spring day walking across Richmond, cameras and clipboard in hand.

At some point we became interested in the concept of “”Home””. Maybe it was seeing all the abandoned houses. Maybe it was because the talks on these long walks would swim around the subject of it. After all, we were newly married. I was moving into her house. I had been couch surfing for the past year, effectively, and before that, staying with relatives. The idea of home was something I wanted much in my life, and was now beginning to find it with her.

Collaboration w/ Megan Osborn
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